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Benefits of Aqua Aerobics

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Aqua Aerobics is often wrongly classified as a leisurely sport that does little to assist in weight loss. However, the truth is that the average thirty-minute pool workout burns approximately 300 calories. Higher than a 30-minute run at a moderate pace which will only burn about 270 calories. Not to mention that it puts a great deal less stress on your joints. So, in case you still need convincing here are five benefits of Aqua Aerobics that will get you to the pool.

1. Increase Muscle Strength
If you want to increase muscle and strength, it doesn’t have to be all about weight training. Water provides a natural resistance that can range from four to 42 times greater than air. As you can imagine, this resistance ensures your body’s muscles get a good workout. Water-resistance is a more natural resistance which requires the body to strain through the water rather than against it.

2. Increase Flexibility
As your body moves in various directions with the flow of the water, your joints will have a natural increase in their range of motion. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you gain flexibility through the workouts; you’ll be doing the splits in no time.

3. Low-Impact Exercise
We can’t say it enough! Water sports are great for low impact exercise. We may not realise how much stress we are placing on our joints until it’s too late. Even if you supplement only some of your workouts with water aerobics, this will help decrease your chances of injury. The buoyancy of the water helps takes off some of the impact placed on essential parts of our bodies. This is particularly appealing to those with joint conditions such as arthritis or those currently undergoing physical rehabilitation.

4. Helps Decrease Stress
Being around water can be instantly relaxing. However, it’s also the physical activity that helps reduce stress, exercise and other physical activity produce endorphins—chemicals in the brain that make us feel happier and improve the ability to sleep, which in turn reduces stress. More than this, however, Aqua Aerobics is fun! And will become a part of your exercise routine you look forward to.

5. Burns Calories
We know you can hardly believe that a sport so fun helps you lose weight but it does. The combination of strength and cardio workouts mixed with water resistance in aquatic exercise ensures the body is getting a full workout. It depends on the type of workout you choose however if you come along to our Aqua HIIT that uses weight belts and high-intensity movements, you could burn anywhere between 400- 500 calories in just one class.


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